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2024-25 Soccer Master Disclaimer Page

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Please use a desktop or laptop computer to complete your MyUniform order.  Phones and tablets are sometimes not compatible with the MyUniform system.


With the MyUniform system, it is our goal to provide the best uniform ordering experience.  If you have any questions regarding our ordering process, please contact our customer service by email at or by phone at 1-636-386-8000.

2024-25 Club MyUniform Orders - IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ!!

Each year offers new challenges to the production of soccer uniforms.  Unexpected production and delivery delays from manufacturers are a constant. Shortages that occur in any Custom Uniform Pieces will generally take longer for us to order and receive.  That being said, Soccer Master will continue to strive to get players their uniforms in the quickest time frame possible.  Please know that getting your order in early is the best way to ensure your player has their uniforms, and allows us the best chance to react to any manufacturer delays.

Orders are not always processed in a first-in/first-out basis, but are many times produced in batches based on the club’s “needed-by” date, which your club administrator has provided us.  Club administrators provide Soccer Master with the dates of their season’s first games (this does not include practice games, pre-season tournaments or friendlies) and our goal is to process and deliver ordered items to our customers prior to these dates.  Orders placed early and before each club’s ordering deadline are given priority. Orders placed late and after ordering deadlines can take up to 30-60 days.

Partial Orders

It is our goal to ship your order complete and on time.  Occasionally, due to circumstances outside of our control, an out-of-stock situation may occur.  If this rare situation does come about, you will be notified, and in this instance, you may receive multiple shipments.

Discounts and Promo Codes

Your club has already negotiated the discounted pricing on all uniform apparel and equipment pieces offered on MyUniform, including the pricing on logos & numbers.  Soccer discounts, free shipping offers & promotional codes are not valid for MyUniform orders.

Uniform Sizing

Soccer Master, in some cases, has provided your Club with a set of sizing samples, to allow the club to help players determine their correct sizes.  Some club’s sizing samples may still be available at Soccer Master stores.   Please note that manufacturer’s products can fit differently from item to item, so please research each item you are interested in purchasing.


We apologize in advance, but we will be unable to exchange or return any customized items.  Customization is when any item has a logo, number or name affixed.   If a different size is needed, please go on to the MyUniform site, create a new order, and it will be processed as quickly as possible. You can request the exchange by email to customer service.  We however process returns as two separate transactions.  Upon acceptance of the returned product, we will credit your original form of payment. All returns and exchanges on non-customized items are subject to a 15% service charge.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling prices are negotiated and set between the club and Soccer Master.  Once the price has been set, each order from the club that goes through MyUniform will pay the appropriate shipping charge.  Due to policies, shipping is non-refundable.

Opening Packaged Items

Please note that special care needs to be taken when opening factory packaged items.  Do not use sharp instruments like knives or razor knives to open packages.  When opening sock packages, please do not pull through the plastic tab in order to break apart the pair of socks.  Please carefully take scissors and cut the plastic tabs.  Holes in socks created by the pulling of these tabs are not factory defects, and these socks cannot be returned or exchanged as defective.


All orders must be paid in full before they are processed and delivered.  If for any reason payment via credit card online is not an option, please contact customer service before proceeding.

For any questions regarding our ordering process, please contact customer service.  We are here to help Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm CST.

Email:                Phone: 1-636-386-8000

“Your Kindness and Understanding Are Always Appreciated!”